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Being representatives is something vocational for us. We work for it and we feel fulfilled as people because those represented end up being friends, we notice the affection of the editors and because there is nothing better than to put both of them in agreement and give work to the people who trust their future work in our hands.

Now is the time to shore up what we have built in our careers, in a moment of uncertainty in this art, to make clear our commitment to artists: They are the bosses and they are the ones who give us work, so they must be pampered. And also, to the editors: Our artists never disappoint. The commitment to the comic is inescapable.


Therefore, maintaining the integrity of our agencies, the Sequential Alliance brand was born to make the way easier and more fun if done in company. But also, we are not alone more people will join forces in our common goal.

Put on your belt, we’re going to have fun.

Joaquín García Marina.
Artist agent from Radebu Agency.

Bud Spencer without Terrence Hill. He has worked with Marvel, Marvel and Marvel. He is the best at what he does. Except for buying plastic claws.
Luis Aramburu
Artist agent from Butxido Agency.

Mini-Bud Spencer without Terrence Hill. He manages to put artists to work insistently. A lot of insistence. It is the most insistent that exists.
An accountant manager
We have an external account manager who, charging his share, will make anyone who wants his services, can be well assisted and with the papers in order to legally collect his money.
An artist psychologist
Being a comic artist is hard and often suffer artistic and personal blockages.

Nothing better than having professional help to solve them.
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Our Team

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